112 Churchview Rd.

Killiney, Co. Dublin.


Mon - Fri 9.00 - 18.00

Tuesday to 9pm

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01 2859067

112 Churchview Rd.

Killiney, Co. Dublin.


Mon - Fri 9.00 - 18.00

Tuesday to 9pm

Customer Enquiry

01 2859067


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

Our practice address is Killiney Dental, 112 Churchview Road, Killiney, County Dublin, A96 CF68. We are situated opposite Kilbogett Park, just off the M50. Follow this link to get directions via Google Maps. There is a bus stop outside the practice, servicing two routes. Route 7 Timetable / Route 45a Timetable

What are our opening times?

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6pm with late night appointments on Tuesdays. We are closed bank holidays and weekends.

How do we make an appointment?

You can make an appointment either by contacting us on (01) 285 9067 or online via our link at the bottom of this page.

Is there parking nearby?

There is free parking on the street outside with plenty of spaces for everyone.

What is our cancellation policy?

Anyone who cancels 48 hours before an appointment will not incur a charge. If a patient repeatedly misses an appointment, or fails to cancel with 48 hours notice, we may charge a small fee. In truth, this is not something we like to do, but we have a responsibility to our staff’s employment and to those serious about their dental health. Those few who fail or cancel regularly can have a knock-on effect on others seeking urgent appointments. Of course, we are sensitive to those unexpected problems life can bring at times, and where there are genuine reasons as to why you could not attend, we will use our discretion to waive the fee.

What if I'm in pain?

Dental pain can be gruesome and sometimes analgesics barely touch the sides of the discomfort and pain. As a result of this, it is our commitment to our patients, both new and old, to try and see every person who contacts us with a dental emergency on the same day. Sometimes this is not always possible, due to over-bookings or staff holidays. But if you are in pain or have a swelling, or any other problems you need immediate help with, please do not hesitate to contact us on (01) 2859067. We have an emergency slot built into our weekly timetable and will strive to see you on the day where possible.

A tooth was lost. What do I do?
  • Do not touch the roots of the tooth
  • Do not scrape or brush the tooth
  • If you are able, try to replace the tooth into the socket
  • When it is replaced, bite down on some gauze
  • If you cannot replace the tooth put it in a container covered with your saliva or milk
  • Attend your dentist ASAP. Time is of the essence when it comes to lost teeth.

Please note: This advice is only for adult teeth. Milk/Baby teeth cannot be re-implanted.

What do I do if I’m in pain and the surgery is closed?

Ring us on (01)285 9067. We will have out-of-hours instructions on our automated answering machine detailing how you can go about seeking emergency dental help. This service is available after hours and at weekends, inclusive of bank holidays.

**Please note: If you have severe pain or swelling, you should go immediately to the nearest A&E department.

What can I expect on my first appointment?

On arrival, a member of our dental team will greet you. They will invite you to fill out a medical questionnaire. After you have been inputted onto the system, one of our nurses will escort you through the surgery. Here, after the dentist introduces themselves, a thorough examination along with radiographs, study models (if required) and photographs will be assembled and discussed. After discussing the range of options and prices you will be escorted to the reception where you will be given a comprehensive and personalised treatment plan with fully itemised costs. It’s usually here that any payment will be discussed and further appointments made. Follow this link to our dedicated page which outlines in detail your first appointment.

When do I pay?

For all dental treatment, part payment must be made on the initial appointment and the balance paid prior to the final appointment being made. For dental treatment involving lab work, payment must be made at the preparation appointment or denture try-in stage. We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards. We do not accept American Express or cheques. If you are paying via one of our zero interest plans the various permutations will be discussed with you as determined by the costs of your own bespoke treatment plan. Normally, this entails one third up front payment, followed by monthly payments to clear the outstanding amount. The number of months is varied and will be determined by the total treatment cost.

How do I pay?

We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards. We do not accept American Express or cheques. If you are paying via one of our plans the various permutations will be discussed with you as determined by the costs of your own bespoke treatment plan. Normally, this entails an up front fee of 33%, followed by 4-12 monthly payments.

Will it hurt?

Modern anaesthetic methods insure a minimum amount of discomfort. We pride ourselves on insuring local anaesthetics are administered slowly and relatively pain free. We apply a numbing cream onto the area that freezes the gum prior to the injection, which makes the experience bordering on pleasant.

Does your clinic do root canals, bridges and dentures and orthodontics?

Yes. It is our primary goal to provide a comprehensive dental solution for the South Dublin/North Wicklow area.

How long before I am seen?

We will see emergencies on the same day if possible and regular appointments as and when your diary suits you.

Will I receive treatment on my first appointment?

Normally, the first appointment is designed to formulate a treatment plan and go through the options and prices with the patient. Any subsequent treatment will be carried out at further appointments. We will do any preliminary treatment needed to treat pain, swelling, etc. but any restorative work normally requires a follow-up appointment.

What if I arrive late?

If you arrive more than fifteen minutes late, the receptionist will check with the dentist to see if they can fit you in. This is easier with shorter appointments, but with long appointments it is often impossible to do so. We may sometimes give you the option of waiting to see if the next patient arrives, just in case a slot becomes available. We do understand that public transport, the roads and life in general are unreliable and we are sympathetic. However, if we have a full day’s list, please understand that it would be unfair to the persons attending after you to delay their treatment due to your unfortunately late arrival. It rarely happens, but in these circumstances it would be fairest to all to reappoint.

Are electric toothbrushes better than manual?

Not if their left unused in the box! We find that it’s the frequency not the tool that’s paramount to effective brushing. Please use in conjunction with floss, mouthwash and a healthy lifestyle. And, of course, regular check ups as advised by your dental team!

How often should I attend?

It depends on your own personal dental risk and needs. Some may be able to see a dentist every 24 months, some every three. But as a rule of thumb, we recommend yearly check-ups for all and six months cleans with our hygienist.

Can I choose my own dentist?

Yes. You have the right to choose any one of our dental practitioners.

How do I make a complaint?

If for any reason you are unhappy with the service you have received from us, we would like the opportunity to put this right by receiving your complaint directly. If your complaint is regarding dental treatment you have received, please address your complaint directly to the Dentist that treated you. For any other complaints, please address your complaint to the Complaints Manager. Your complaint will be dealt with promptly so that any matter is resolved as quickly as possible, usually within 14 days of the complaint being received.

How do I pay a compliment?

We would be delighted if you are happy with our service that you recommend us to your friends and family. Don’t forget to let us know too. We would really appreciate it if you would send us a quick email telling us what aspect of our service you were most happy with.

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